About Us

Mama’s Lap is a brand dedicated to mothers and babies from trying to conceive, pregnancy, fertility, birth and going to preschool kids; we serve the need to solve complicated issues every mother faces. You’ll have access to premium and authentic information to give your child a better future and a healthy life right after when they’re born to preparing for preschool and beyond.


Mothers are our first priority regarding their health, lifestyle and growth so that they can accomplish better bringing up of their kids in an excellent way.


We try our best to get them to know about the facts of living a quality life that is only possible through proper professional guidelines, expert curated tips and productive management. Our mothers are heroes and they’re the first priority before babies. In other ways, our children get the reward of a superior life when their mothers are happy, healthy and wealthy. 


Our mission and vision


We’re on a mission to give the new generation an amazing lifestyle by bringing the best motherhood practices to the table. Before maturity, mentorship comes first, so we decided to come up with more genuine practices to follow if you want to give your kids a perfect lifestyle before moving toward their practical life. We’re on a mission to guide our kind mothers so they have more clarity and less confusion toward building a wonderful generation.


Mama’s Lap is coming up with a golden goal to save our kids’ future! And here comes our parents, who are responsible for their early stage development, a building block of a genius generation. We need your help accomplishing this great cause.